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Warning don’t fall prey to the Microsoft phone scam

I have just got yet another call from an Indian call centre, pretending to be Microsoft. I am so irritated that I felt the need write a warning blog, hopefully it may help to stop them finding another victim.

The Microsoft phone scam is not new, it has been doing the rounds for a couple of […]

Catalyst Coaching and Hypnotherapy

Feeling stressed? Something holding you back from achieving your goals either in business, your personal life or even sport? Well maybe you would benefit from Katie’s intervention.

Katie Farrell is a fully qualified and registered Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist and Coach who specialises in helping people achieve their maximum potential and overcome any emotional or psychological ties that are having a negative impact on their life.

Everyone’s  lives are becoming more […]

Re Design for 202 Jewellery

We have just finished the latest incarnation of the 202 Jewellery website, this latest re-design has focused on connecting the social media accounts into the website and increasing the amount of visual delights for the jewellery lovers to enjoy.

This latest site while having the same look and feel as the  previous sites has  a really rich user interaction built into every page, […]